What is Interior Architecture?
Interior architecture is the creation and the creative design of space. It embodies the science of production of space (Architecture) and ...
Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Architecture Design, Design, Exterior Design
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What is Interior Architecture?

What is Interior Architecture?

What is Interior Architecture?

What is Interior Architecture?, This is the question that we have to address here. Coined from two words, Interior design and architectural design, which implies “Interior Architecture,” would be the easiest of all answers but this isn’t the answer we all want to see.

Interior Architecture

Therefore, Interior architecture is the creation and the creative design of space. It embodies the science of production of space (Architecture) and the Art of the design of designated or already created area (Interior design).

So, explaining the two words differently.

What is Interior Architecture

Interior Design

Interior design, when you take a look at the image above the first thing that comes into your mind is “wow, what a wonderful design,” I would love this in my house.

Therefore, using the picture to elaborate further, Interior design is the creative use of an already established space.

It can be best described as the act of enhancing and complementing the inner part of a building or area to make it more pleasant to the eyes of those that would use the space.

An interior designer, in this case, is the person charged with the responsibility of planning and managing such projects.



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Architectural Design

Architectural design in its case involves the general process of designing, planning, and construction of structures and spaces. Architecture is generally used to describe standing structures also as the art and science of designing buildings.

Business dictionary gives us a clear understanding of architectural design, as a concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system and unifies them into a  coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objectives under the given constraints or limitations.

What is interior Architecture

Over time, there has been debates over the legality of the title ‘interior architecture’, in fact, I came across a forum of designers where some group seem not to have heard about it. That can be said about you before reading this maybe some times ago.

So, professionally speaking, Interior Architecture is not a legal profession yet, like Lawyers and Doctors who are specialized, but rather a subject that embodies both interior and architectural designs.

So, strictly speaking, one must have a good knowledge of both fields before diversifying into interior architecture. Picking up both roles, then deciding on when as an interior designer to end, and start as an architectural designer, and vice-versa.

Profoundly speaking, some institutions have started picking it up as a field of study rather than just a name. In case you’re considering studying either interior design, architectural design or interior architecture, you can be sure to get the best value, as all are highly profitable in the labor market.

Hoping you enjoyed our contribution and feel inspired by it. Kindly add your piece in the comment session and also share.


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