What are Contemporary Homes?
Contemporary Homes are the homes of the 21st century; they are homes that are built of the new architectural designs of the 21st century.
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What are Contemporary Homes?

Contemporary architecture

What are Contemporary Homes?


Homes, like people say, are houses we live in with families and friends and feel very comfortable inside. The way we want our homes to be starts right from the house plan to the building and then the interior design. There have been so many misconceptions about contemporary homes, mostly by realtors and homeowners, often not telling the whole truth about it.

When we say contemporary, often we think of modern as an illustrative answer to it, with real estate agents and homeowners not helping out as most do not understand the difference between a contemporary home and a modern home. But that is a wrong conception, as contemporary homes are different from modern homes in contextual, structural and practical meanings.

Difference Between a Contemporary Home and a Modern Home

Modern homes are those with the architectural design of the early and mid-90s, an era when the world was evolving into what is it today. A modern home is always modern, with no distinctive adjustment in the interior architecture.

Therefore, contemporary homes are the homes of the 21st century; they are homes that are built of the new architectural designs of the 21st century. Contemporary designs are built off advanced technologies and high-tech architectures. They are said to be the trending homes, and they vary and move along with time. Contemporary homes are time determinant.

Contemporary home

 Contemporary architecture which symbolizes everything about contemporary homes uses advanced technologies and building materials such as tube structure.

This material allows for very tall buildings, different shapes and also very lightweight houses. They also allow for computer-aided design (buildings are built on computers in 3D before the physical structures are laid).

Structures such as the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower are great examples of contemporary architecture. Most global buildings are now built in this way to symbolize the art and design of the 21st century.

Some Basic Features of a Contemporary Home

  • One or two stories (Duplexes and Bungalows)
  • Open floor light
  • Large windows
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Green system for plumbing, heating and air conditioning
  • A flexible layout to suit the client’s need
  • Strong emphasis on geometric shapes Clerestory windows


Best Interior Design Tips

Creating a lasting impression in the minds of visitors is vital when setting your home or space interior. Therefore we will be providing you with some of the best interior design tips. These design tips for your interior below would help you achieve this, as...


Contemporary homes are designed and built to be attractive to the eyes. These homes are designed to captivate the eye and act as a center of attraction than just a typical home.

Contemporary architects design according to the taste and needs of the client, without having to follow any compact design and structure. Contemporary houses are dynamic and does not adhere to any particular design constraint.

The quality mostly associated with contemporary homes is that it is often built for sustainability and durability; also they are Eco-friendly and energy efficient. This reason is why in many houses of today, flowers and trees inside are very evident, this is to satisfy the needs of today, as humans love the environment and realize how important the natural environment is to them.

The fact that when a modern home and a contemporary home is being listed together on the same space, Modern homes sell faster than the Contemporary counterpart, this is because people think that the word contemporary is closely associated with old and dated meanings. But having a close definition of the word contemporary which is synonymous with “popular right now,” or “tending at the moment.”

Therefore, if you happen to be looking for a home and come across both a modern and contemporary structure, you should be able to make the right choice with the knowledge you have at the moment. Contemporary homes are the homes of today while modern homes are homes built during a particular time past.

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